"They're as thick as thieves together..."

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We caught up with Keeper Adam to find out how 8 month old Khari is getting on with his dad, Wallace. 

Unfortunately, our lioness, Rachel, passed away unexpectedly over Christmas as the result of a stroke. Rachel has been a familiar face to visitors and members for many years, and we were delighted to welcome her first cub, Khari, earlier this year. Following the loss of her sister, Gillian, in November (after an ongoing battle with cancer), our pride is now made up of Khari and his father, Wallace.

Khari and his dad are being monitored by keepers and we're happy to say they are both doing really well. Khari has spent a lot of time with his dad and the pair appear to be very close, in fact they are almost inseperable! Khari is weaned and eating solid foods, but continues to be fed separately to Wallace, to ensure he gets the food he needs. 

We recently caught up with Adam, section head of large mammals, to find out how Khari and Wallace have been getting on in the weeks following Rachel's death.