Education and Conservation

At Blackpool Zoo, we know how important education and conservation are

Visiting Blackpool Zoo is not just about fun, there’s a serious side, too. We are constantly working hard in the areas of conservation and education, so future generations can continue to experience and enjoy animals in the wild. You can learn about all our conservation and sustainability programmes here, and you can even adopt an animal yourself!

  • Education

    Education is key - you won’t leave Blackpool Zoo without learning something new

  • Conservation

    The conservation of endangered species is becoming increasingly important as a result of the world’s growing human population putting pressure on the habitats where animals live.

  • Animals adoptions

    A great gift for everyone!


  • Enrichment and Research

    You might pass time by watching TV or entertain your dog by throwing a stick or a ball. That’s enrichment.

  • Zoo Sustainability

    We are constantly striving to implement new initiatives, and monitor our consumption and output to be as efficient as we can be.

Still not bought your tickets?

Still not bought your tickets?