Summer - the playful one

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Born on 23rd May 2002, Summer is the baby of the group.

Just like Cherie, she was born at Blackpool to mother Vicky and father Homer.

Summer arrived 2 weeks premature and her arrival was witnessed by staff and visitors alike as Vicky gave birth in the outdoor paddock around lunch time. Matt, one of our current primate keepers, was here on work experience at the time and was the first to notice the commotion and had a front row seat to witness Summer’s arrival into the world.

She’s the playful one and is a lot more curious than her big sister. She’s generally the first to investigate anything new and will often find a way to wear whatever she stumbles across – be it a T-Shirt, flag, pile of wood wool or even a straw hamper. Her playful side can also lead to trouble and she’s often the one to stir up tensions in the group.

This week we're celebrating Orangutan Awareness Week by revelaing the little known life stories of our four resident orangutans. You can find out more about the week and what we've got planned here. In an attempt to raise vital funds to support their rescue efforts in Borneo, we’ll be auctioning off a selection of unique, one of a kind artworks by our resident male orangutan, Ramon, on our Facebook page