Celebrating Orangutan Awareness Week - November 9th to 15th

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This week we’re celebrating all things orange for Orangutan Awareness Week, from November 9th to 15th

We understand not everyone is as passionate about orangutans as we are, but this week we’re hoping to raise awareness of these beautiful animals and the challenges they face in the wild.

Throughout the week we’ll be delving deep into the past to reveal the little known history of our resident orangutans, documenting their life stories from birth to present day.

We’ll also be giving you a unique insight into the life and work of an ape keepers as we hand over the reins of our Instagram account to our ape keepers.

While the story of our orangutans is a happy one, the same cannot be said for their wild counterparts. We’re sure many of you will have heard of the terrible fires devastating forests in Indonesia. These fires were started as a controlled burning of palm oil plantations, but have since spread into forests and national parks, and are now threatening the lives of wild orangutans.

One of the charities we support here at the zoo is the Orangutan Foundation, who have teams on the ground in Indonesia doing everything they can to rescue the orangutans from the devastating effects of the fires.

You can find out more about their vital work here.

In an attempt to raise vital funds to support their rescue efforts in Borneo, we’ll be auctioning off a selection of unique, one of a kind artworks by our resident male orangutan, Ramon, on our Facebook page