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Our gift shop is full of temptations for all ages and pockets!

Find your magic in our Main Zoo Gift Shop  

You know how it goes, “I went to Blackpool Zoo and all I got was this lousy T-shirt”. Well, after a visit to our Gift Shop, there’s no need for this to be you! We’ve got something for everyone, whatever their age or budget. So, after your magical day with the animals, pop in and find that perfect souvenir to remember your favourite moment. Whether it’s a necklace to remind you of those goosebumps you got from locking eyes with a tiger, a cute, cuddly penguin to help you remember their funny antics or an elegant flamingo statue to bring a bit of colour to your day. 

You’ll have so many amazing memories of your time at the Zoo that you´ll want to take a piece from the visit to your home, stop by our Gift Shop to get a soft toy from your favorite animal and can even satisfy your sweet tooth! Make sure the little ones keep living the fun as they cuddle up with their favourite animal toy and listen to you read about its adventures from the animal storybook. Or make the fun educational for the older ones with a book full of awesome facts about the animals they have seen. Is there someone special you would have liked to share this day with you? Why not take them a little gift to spread the joy! 

The possibilities are endless, so there’s really no excuse. Make sure you take a little bit of magic home with you at the end of your adventure.

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