Top Photo Spots - Our guide to taking the best photographs

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With hundreds of animals, you're never short of a great photo opportunity. We've put together a list of our top ten favourite spots in the zoo for snapping away, with a few little tips to make the most of each opportunity!

Orang House

1.Inside the orangutan house

If you’re lucky you might just catch the magical moment when one of our orangutans come up to the window – perfect opportunity for a selfie!

Tip: Try to avoid using flash. Not only will it mess up your photo by bouncing light straight off the glass and back into your eyes, but it can also disturb the animals.



2.Tiger window

The perfect place to see the cubs playing!

Tip: Shooting through glass can be tough. Get as close as you can to the glass to minimise reflections and avoid using flash! Don’t shoot at an angle through the glass if you can avoid it.



3.Lemur wood

Although there are no physical barriers between you and the lemurs, please resist the temptation to get too close!

Tip: Get down to the same level as the lemurs, your photo will look a lot better if you’re eye to eye with the animal, rather than looking down (or up) at them.


4.Gorilla mountain (lawn between gorillas and otters)

Tip: Be patient! They’re not always out on this side of the island, but when they are you can get some fantastic photos from this spot.


5.Sea Lion Pool

It’s not easy to get a flattering shot of a sea lion, but if you time it right and watch one of the displays you’ll likely see them being a lot more active. If you want to avoid the heads of fellow sea lion fans, try shooting from either end of the pool!



With the sun streaming in over a world of exotic plants, Amazonia will give the perfect background to your photo of our cheeky little squirrel monkeys.

Tip: Just be sure to secure all loose items, don’t leave a lens cap lying around and make full use of that neck or wrist strap on your camera. You have been warned!


7.Red panda hut

Patience is essential with the red panda. They spend most of their time sleeping in a tree, but when they come down it’s more than worth it, especially if you see their beautiful faces! It’s an early breakfast for the red panda, so you’ll often see them down from their tree first thing in the morning.

8.Bird display

Time it right and you could end up with some stunning photos of our birds of the world in flight.

Tip: If your camera has a sports mode, this would be a good time to test it out. Shoot continuously and you might just end up a few perfect shots.


9.Penguin pool window

With a little patience you can get some brilliant photos of our penguins swimming underwater!

Tip: While penguins aren’t the most agile when on land, they can swim incredibly quickly, so you’ll have to think fast as they zoom past the window.


10.The most photographed animal in the zoo

He’s very photogenic and will sit perfectly still for your photos, he’s very good with children and he’ll even eat your spare change. Believe it or not, the most photographed animal in the zoo is in fact the gorilla in the entrance foyer!