Missing elf going wild at the zoo!

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A missing elf is causing Christmas chaos at the zoo… Sightings have been few and far between, but reports have so far pinpointed his location to some interesting places including:

  • Active Oceans – getting up close and personal with sea lions
  • The Dinosaur Safari – hitching a ride prehistoric plant-eater
  • Gorilla Mountain – grinning at gorillas from the top of a stolen Christmas tree
  • Orangutan Outlook – sneaking tasty mashed potato treats in

There have been rumours that the elf, who has cleverly disguised himself in an official Blackpool Zoo keeper uniform, is making mischief elsewhere in zoo grounds but, so far, these reports remain unsubstantiated.

Keepers first noticed strange occurrences taking place on Sunday 1st December and called a staff meeting, which was interrupted by a distraught Santa and one of his helpers declaring a zoo emergency!

In an official statement, Khaled Fawzy, Assistant Head Keeper at Blackpool Zoo, said: “This is an extremely worrying situation and we are working hard to locate the elf and return him to Santa. Visitors are reporting their sightings to us, but by the time we get there he has gone…. and with 37 acres of zoo land it isn’t going to be easy to catch him. We want everyone to join us in our search to end his mischievous ways and our current predictions estimate it could take until at least the 24th December before we complete our mission!”

Visitors who want to help bring the naughty elf to justice can collect clues from admissions at Blackpool Zoo. More information will be released as the saga unfolds and no further statements will be made at this time.