How to be sustainable this Halloween?!

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Halloween can be a very wasteful time of year; what with new decorations, costumes and lets not forget the sweets!

So here are a few tips to help cut down on waste and also cost:


  • 95% of the pumpkins grown in the UK are used to make jack ‘o’ lanterns which means 18 000 tonnes end up in landfills after Halloween. If you want to carve a pumpkin then consider saving as much as the discarded flesh as possible, you can toast the seeds to eat, the flesh for making pumpkin pies or yummy soup and if you really don’t like the taste of pumpkin then remember to compost it so it can be useful! For some tasty pumpkin recipes try this website.
  • Consider what sweet treats you buy! Lots of the sweets that we buy contain palm oil which is having a devastating impact on tropical rainforests and the animals that live there such as Orangutans. We can help by buying sweet and chocolates that are made using sustainable palm oil, which reduces the impacts on these animals so please keep an look out for the RSPO logo or for some idea on which foods are sustainable or not have a gander at the Rainforest Foundations 2016 Palm Oil Guide.   
  • Dust of your old decorations, remember reusing old decorations means that you don’t have to spend as much money replacing fake spider webbing! Most of which can be saved for next year its only one night a year! If you are desperate for some new decorations consider making new ones at out recycled materials.
  • Raid charity shops for your costume! There are some always some awesome finds that you can use to create your perfect costume, this will generally save you money compared to buying new purpose made costumes as well as allowing you to get imaginative by reusing old unloved clothes. If you want a free costume why not swap your old ones with friends or have a look through the back of your wardrobe for any clothes that are falling to bits. Old tights can be used as spiders legs or tails and ripped clothing is great if you are want to dress as a zombie! Pinterest is a great place to go for ideas.

We have lots of exciting things going on this a October half term, here are a few…

  • Halloween Potions trail – what frightful ingredients will you be able to discover to make your potions list!
  • Pumpkin carving – make your way down to the farm to participate (please come early to avoid disappointment as daily pumpkin numbers are limited).

Don’t worry we don’t waste our pumpkins these all go to our animals as enrichment and food. It is always fun to see our elephant Kate destroy hers during the elephant talk!