Australia Day - Wildlife Fundraiser

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The fires burning through Australia are devastating, with an area as big as half of the entire UK burnt to ash – and the crisis is still ongoing.

As well as the toll this is taking on the human population, it is estimated that up to one billion animals have been affected, including 30% of the entire koala population in mid-north coast of New South Wales. These catastrophic fires are worsening the extinction crisis we’re already facing.

At Blackpool Zoo, we’re proud to be supporting the Zoo and Aquarium Association’s Wildlife Conservation Fund through our fundraising efforts both online and in the zoo on Australia Day.

Online Raffle

For every £5 donated online, you’ll be allocated a raffle number to win one of these fabulous prizes, including -

  • 1 x Big Cat Feed at Blackpool Zoo  (participant must be 18 or over, prize to be redeemed within 3 months)
  • 1 x Family ticket to Blackpool Zoo 
  • 1 x Family Big Ticket to the Merlin Attractions in Blackpool
  • 1 x Family ticket Sandcastle Waterpark
  • 5 x Kangaroo or Wallaby adoption packages
  • 1 x Pair of Golden Circle tickets to this year’s Blackpool Illuminations Switch-On

One number will be allocated for every £5 donated – donate £10 and you’ve got twice the chance of winning and so on. Raffle will be drawn on Monday January 27th and winners will be notified by email immediately. Anonymous donations will not be entered into the raffle.

Australia Day at Blackpool Zoo 

Join us on January 26th 2020 for a whole day of fundraising activities.

Pick up an Australian Trail on your way through Admissions and test your knowledge of the zoo.

Head over to the Conservation Station to learn more about our Australian residents – including wallabies, kangaroos, potoroos, White’s tree frogs, roseate cockatoos, emus, kookaburra and eclectus parrots – and how you can help their counterparts in the wild.

Name a Wallaby – for a suggested donation you can name one of our resident wallabies or kangaroos, pick any name you wish and take home a certificate confirming your naming!

We’ll have a range of other activities going on throughout the day as well as a packed schedule of talks and feeds with some of our most popular animals.

We’ll also be donating all proceeds from the sale of nectar pots in Rainbow Landings and we’ll have plenty of collection buckets around the zoo for any loose change.

Where your money is going

The Zoo and Aquarium Association  of Australasia is coordinating a collaborative response to the emerging rescue and rehabilitation needs of affected wildlife. This will allow them to bring together the significant expertise, resources, equipment and facilities of zoos across the country to help native animals in the crisis affected areas.

The effects of this crisis on wildlife and their destroyed habitats is going to require a long-term approach so the ZAA fire and drought response will also consider what’s needed in years ahead, to rehabilitate our surviving native wildlife and ensure that we can return them to liveable habitats.

This approach aims to execute three key phases:

  • Phase one - placing rescued native animals with appropriate facilities and expert care for treatment, ongoing rehabilitation and preparation to return to the wild.
  • Phase two – assessing the impacts on wildlife and habitat to understand where rehabilitation efforts are most needed.
  • Phase three – medium and long-term recovery efforts to return healthy animals to regenerated habitats and revive and sustain populations of wildlife in affected areas.

To donate and enter the raffle please visit our Online Fundraising Page here.

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