Energy and Water Efficiency

Blackpool Zoo
  • Heating and lighting: we are proud to have upgraded our lighting to timed LED lights. These lights, along with their timers, help to reduce our energy consumption and can be seen in the main café, Playbarn and across our animal department. All our animal enclosures have thermostats on timers, which help us save energy while still ensuring our animals are comfortable.
  • The water in our sea lion and penguin enclosures are fitted with filters, which can help to keep them clean. We are working hard to add filters to all other pools by the end of 2023.
  • We own two electric vehicles. One is used for general operations, and the other is for delivering food across the park.
  • The rainwater features in our enclosures are all connected. The big pools flow into each other: Dinosaurs - gibbons - gorillas - flamingos. This reduces the need to refill them with water as often as we might otherwise have to.
  • Water and electricity usage across the site is strictly recorded and monitored to ensure that any anomalies can be immediately investigated and rectified, along with noting any trends that might impact future decision making relating to energy and water efficiency. We have an active recycled rainwater calculator, which is visible to visitors in our Elephants Base Camp. This useful tool highlights how many litres of rainwater have been recycled each day. 


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