CBD-Habitat Foundation

Seal in water

Dedicated to protecting Europe’s most endangered marine mammal

Until recently, the monk seal was often seen on the coasts of the Mediterranean, but due to centuries of hunting, pollution, threats from the fishing industry and coastal development due to tourism, there are now less than 500 left in the wild. The Mediterranean monk seal is classified as endangered (IUCN) and is one of the World’s top ten most endangered marine mammals.

Blackpool Zoo has a strong working relationship with CBD Habitat and their conservationists situated in the field. Through the help of our parent company, Parques Reunidos, CBD Habitat has received over £70,000 directly from funds raised at the zoo and the generosity of our visitors, and we continue to provide financial and educational support each year. The funds raised go towards the continuous development of conservation efforts at the Cabo Blanco peninsula (Morocco/Mauritania) where the only remaining monk seal colony resides. Continuous population monitoring, non-invasive tagging and tracking of individuals, community-based education and targeted outreach, policing for illegal fishing and pollution of the seal coast are all vital initiatives that Blackpool Zoo helps to sustain.

Download our PDF to read more about how we support the Mediterranean Monk Seal conservation programme HERE or visit http://www.cbd-habitat.com/

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