The Gorilla Organisation

It works to save the world’s last remaining gorillas from extinction

This organisation works internationally to save the world’s last remaining gorillas from extinction by supporting community-based conservation projects.

With only 17% of wild gorillas living in protected reserves, gorilla species are at risk from a number of serious threats. These threats include habitat loss, being hunted for the bush meat trade, killed for their body parts and susceptible to catching human diseases.

With the Eastern gorilla species being classified as critically endangered, and the Western gorilla species classified as critically endangered (IUCN) efforts need to be made to protect these incredible animals.

The gorilla organization works internationally to save wild gorillas by funding 26 community-based projects in Africa. These projects help tackle the threats faced by gorillas in the following ways:

  • They educate local communities about the gorillas, their forest habitats and the need for conservation.
  • They analyse the gorilla populations and the forest ecosystem they live in.
  • They work with local communities to provide new sustainable ways to farm and grow crops alongside the gorillas.
  • They protect the existing rainforest and replant areas where trees have been cut down.

Blackpool Zoo are proud to have donated over £13,000 towards the Gorilla Organization and the incredible projects that it supports.

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