San Martin Titi Monkey

Proyecto Mono Tocon aims to conserve the rarest primate in Peru, the San Martin titi monkey (Callicebus oenanthe).

The San Martin titi monkey is one of the 25 most endangered primate species in the world and is classed as the rarest primate in Peru.  This critically endangered species is only found in Peru and is threatened with extinction as a result of extensive deforestation, being hunted for food and trapped for the pet trade. 

Blackpool Zoo supports Proyecto Mono Tocon in their work to conserve the San Martin titi monkey, and its remaining habitat. Through working in partnership with local governments and people, they hope to protect and ultimately expand the very small remaining populations, increasing numbers of this highly threatened species.

Proyecto Mono Tocon carries out:

  • Education programmes for people in and around the habitat of the monkeys, teaching them about the threats facing the monkeys and their habitat, and how they can help protect the species
  • Research into the San Martin titi monkey’s population sizes, home ranges, specific habitat and the threats they are facing
  • Protection and restoration of the main areas where the titi monkeys are still found
  • Work with the local people in these areas to give support and minimise hunting and habitat destruction

Blackpool Zoo is proud to have donated just under £44,500 towards these amazing efforts.


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