DeBrazza’s monkey

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Common Name:
DeBrazza’s monkey
Scientific Name:
Ceropithecus neglectus
Size: 61 cm
Weight: 4 - 7.4 kg
Native to Africa
Rain Forest

Conservation Status

Least concern

These large monkeys have a unique way of avoiding potential predators. They freeze if startled and, because their fur is a greenish brown colour, they blend very well into the background and can’t be easily seen. 

Although currently classed as being of Least Concern, their numbers are decreasing because their native habitats are dwindling due to deforestation and climate change. They are also victims of the human bushmeat trade. Natural predators include eagles and leopards.

DeBrazza’s monkeys can live for about 22 years in the wild. They generally produce just one infant per year.  Here in the Zoo, they are fed a fairly varied diet including carrots, seeds, a prepared diet, oranges and rice.


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