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Your Explorer Tour Talks & Times

Please note, these talks are seasonal and subject to change.

11.15am - Sea Lions

Meet your Ranger and begin your expedition with flippers, fish and fun at our sea lion discovery demonstration.

11.30am - Penguins

Waddle over to penguin beach to explore life in the ocean and learn more about beaks, feet, feathers and wings.

12pm - Wolves

Ever wondered what our wolves and wallabies eat? Investigate their teeth and diet at Wolf Ridge and Wallaby Walkabout.

12.20pm - Camels

How do camels survive in the desert? Learn more about animal habitats and adaptions at our outdoor camel classroom.

1.15pm - Orangutans

Swing by Orangutan Outlook to hear stories of the rainforest, great apes and the threats they face (includes endangered species).

1.45pm - Elephants

Complete your expedition at Base Camp, the best place to pick up a piece of pachyderm poo!


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Covid-19 Safety Information

Covid-19 Safety Information