CBD-Habitat Foundation

Seal in water

Dedicated to protecting Europe’s most endangered marine mammal

Until recently, the monk seal was often seen on the coasts of the Mediterranean, but due to centuries of hunting, pollution, threats from the fishing industry and coastal development due to tourism, there are now less than 500 left in the wild. The Mediterranean monk seal is classified as endangered (IUCN) and is one of the World’s top ten most endangered marine mammals.

Our parent company Parques Reunidos and all of its zoos and aquariums support the CBD-Habitat Foundation’s projects, and since 2011, thanks to the generosity of our visitors, we have raised more than £60,000. However, our help is still needed as the monk seal numbers are low (600 - 700 individuals) and they still face many threats to their survival. This money goes towards helping to expand and disperse the only monk seal colony left in the world at the Cabo Blanco peninsula (Morocco/Mauritania).


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Covid-19 Safety Information

Covid-19 Safety Information