Who will win the mammoth elephant cake-off?

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We need a helping hand from a brilliant baker or creative chef to make a very special cake to mark the birthday of our largest resident

Kate the Asian elephant will be 50 years old on Tuesday 2nd July and we want to ensure the occasion is extra special with a tasty treat.

Of course, elephants aren’t able to eat Victoria sponge or double chocolate delight, so the cake should be made mainly of mashed potato, bran, fruit and vegetables.

In addition, it will need to be delivered to the zoo on Friday 5th July ahead of Kate’s birthday party, which will take place during the Elefest event in the evening on Saturday 6th.

Elefest is a jam packed, members only event that will feature live music, Asian food, a bar, street markets, expert talks, jumbo prizes, exciting tours and much more. All proceeds will go directly to the Biodiversity and Elephant Conservation Trust and the EAZA Silent Forest Campaign.

Adam Kenyon, Section head of Project Elephant, said: “Kate was one of the first residents to arrive at Blackpool Zoo when it opened in 1972 and has a very special place in the hearts of all keepers, staff and visitors. We want to mark her landmark birthday with a lovely cake so we’re calling for creative caterers to make and donate a mammoth birthday treat! As the event is a charity event we can’t offer any payment, but in return we can offer tickets to the exclusive Elefest event, which is when Kate will receive the cake!”

Want-to-be party piece producers should email share@blackpoolzoo.org.uk with their suggested recipe and design by Wednesday 26th June.

The winner will be notified by Friday 28th of June and will be invited to attend the zoo’s Elefest event on Saturday 6th July.