Tiger cubs named after Blue Peter TV stars

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Our tiger cub twins have been named after presenters on the UK’s longest running, and best loved, children’s TV progamme Blue Peter.

The three-month-old adorable stripy duo have been called Barney and Radzi and the presenters were delighted when they found out live on air on Thursday 4th September 2014.

Keepers even matched the cubs to each presenter’s personality. Barney’s namesake is a cheeky chappy who is playful, bossy and mischievous whilst the feline Radzi is quieter and a more chilled out character who is described by keepers as a mummy’s boy.

Roger Stillabeer, who is responsible for looking after the two new tiger cubs, said: “It has been more than 18 years since we have heard the pitter patter of tiny stripy feet here at Blackpool Zoo, so we were delighted when mother, Alyona, gave birth to healthy twins.

“They are our little superstars so we wanted to give them names to reflect this.

“Generation after generation have grown up watching Blue Peter and it is the most celebrated children’s TV programme in the world, so naming the cubs after two of its current presenters not only recognises this but will act as a reminder of the year that the cubs were born.

“Barney and Radzi are doing fantastically well, and have recently been introduced to the outside paddock with mum and dad. The cubs will play a vital part in the species’ breeding programme, we are looking forward to watching them thrive. 

The cubs were born during the night on June 11th to mum Alyona and dad Zambar.  Alyona joined Zambar in 2012 from SafariparkBeekse Bergen in the Netherlands. Zambar has been at Blackpool Zoo since 2010 and was born and hand-reared at Marwell Zoo after being rejected by his mother.