Tiger cubs' half birthday!

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We were delighted on the 11th June this year to welcome a pair of critically endangered Amur tiger cubs.  Barney and Radzi, named after the Blue Peter presenters, were the first tiger cubs to be born at the zoo in over 17 years. Their parents, Zambar and Alyona, were only introduced to each other in late 2012, but have settled down well to family life. 

Six months have flown by and the cubs have grown into independent, boisterous young tigers and one of their dedicated keepers, Andrew, was happy to update their fans on their progress.

Click here to watch the video and find out what Andrew had to say about them.



Hi, I visited a couple of months ago and took a brilliant photo of the cubs. I would love to share this pic but don't know where to start. Is there an email address or something??
Hi - Thanks for getting in touch, you can email them to share@blackpoolzoo.org.uk.