Summer Baby Boom!

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Summer has officially begun and so has our summer baby boom - We’ve got new arrivals all over the zoo, and they certainly do come in all shapes and sizes!

The Childrens’ Farm is a hive of activity as we’ve been watching our 5 baby bunnies grow up and getting to know our ouessant lamb, affectionately nicknamed Son of Rambo. Over the past few days we’ve even seen the arrival of several tiny guinea pigs.

You might remember our royal celebrations as pelican chick Charlie hatched on the same day as the royal baby. Well, at just over seven weeks old, he’s standing tall at almost the same size as an adult female. Somethings haven’t changed though – he’s still gobbling through fish like it’s going out of fashion and keeping our keepers on their toes in the bird nursery.

The Active Oceans arena has seen a population boost this month as second time mum, Anya, gave us a sealion pup. The eagle eyed amongst you may notice we’ve also welcomed three new adult sealions to the collection, keep your eyes out on our website for more about these girls as they continue to settle into the colony.

Amongst others, we’ve also got meerpups in the Big Cat House, a red fronted lemur in Lemur Wood, reindeer and sitatunga calves, a prickly porcupine baby and plenty of goslings to join our free roaming flock of barnacle geese.

You can always catch up with some of our older favourites too – Moanda and Meisie our gorilla youngsters will most likely be out exploring their island in the sunshine, and baby gibbon Dobbie is getting more independent by the day!