Spring has sprung at Blackpool Zoo!

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With the weather warming up, the days getting gradually longer and the flowers starting to bloom – it really is starting to feel like spring has arrived!

At the start of what we hope will be a jam packed year of new arrivals and babies here at Blackpool Zoo, we’ve already been hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet all over the zoo.

The biggest spike in numbers has been in our small primate house. Our female pileated gibbon, Ivy, kick started the baby boom in December, when she gave birth to her youngster – who has now been affectionately nicknamed Dobbie by his keepers. Since then we’ve counted four tiny stripy tails poking out of a bundle of ring tailed lemurs, also living in the small primate house.

Baby fever continues throughout the zoo, as we’ve got one new arrival in the cotton top tamarin house, a baby red titi monkey and three tiny tree shrews in the Dinosaur Safari.

Our big cat house is now filled with a chorus of “IT’S OLEG!” as visitors capture glimpses of our two new meerkat pups and our token spring (black headed) lamb is still springing around and delighting visitors in the Children’s Farm.

It’s not just new-borns to get excited over – growing at a similar rate to their human counterparts, Meisie and Moanda are just enchanting to watch as they grow up and learn what it takes to be a gorilla.

Young sealion, Zalo, is getting braver by the day and can now often be spotted trying his best to photo-bomb the stars of our sealion display, Anya and Gina.

And of course – our 9 month old tiger cubs are just as boisterous and playful as ever.

If you’re planning a visit soon, make sure you keep your eyes peeled, you never know what you might see!