Sealion steps in to cover mum’s maternity leave!

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When Gina the sealion gave birth to a tiny pup at the end of May her eldest daughter raised her flipper to cover her ‘maternity leave’.

Three-year-old Rubi can be seen alongside aunty Anya in our spectacular sealion displays.

Mother Gina gave birth to a male pup, who is yet to be named, on the evening of May 28th and took some time off to bond with her new bundle of joy in an off-show area.

They are now both out and about and Gina will retake her place next to Anya and her daughter Rubi in time for the summer holidays.

Khaled Fawzy, Head of Section Animal Events and Head Trainer, said: “It’s always very exciting when we have a new arrival at Active Oceans. The new pup is coming on leaps and bounds as he bonds with mum. We’re still struggling to decide a name for the pup, we have a couple of favourites and I am sure we will find the perfect one soon!

“Rubi has always been very enthusiastic about being part of the displays and we even had to build a special little podium when she was just one so she could join her mum and aunty. Visitors can now see the new pup, along with the rest of our beautiful sealions as Gina has started to introduce him to the rest of the world!”