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Two male tiger cubs getting ready for zoo debut!

Two tiny endangered male tiger cubs have been born at Blackpool Zoo to resident couple Zambar and Alyona.

The stripy pair are the first Amur tiger cubs to arrive at the zoo for more than 18 years.

Keepers discovered that Alyona had given birth overnight on June 11th and closed the Big Cat House to allow mother and babies to bond.

Now, after five successful weeks the house is partially open to the public and the twins are starting to tentatively explore.

Peter Dillingham, Animal Manager at Blackpool Zoo, said: “We had suspected that Alyona was pregnant for a while after keepers had observed Zambar and Alyona mating earlier in the year.

“We prepared a cubbing den in advance and keepers were over the moon to find two tiny tiger cubs feeding from mum when they arrived at work.

“Both these cubs will play a vital part in the species’ breeding programme and we look forward to seeing them both having fun outside soon.”

Zambar arrived at Blackpool Zoo in 2010 from Marwell Wildlife Park, where he was born and hand-reared after being rejected by his mother. He was joined in 2012 by Alyona, who arrived from her birthplace SafariparkBeekse Bergen in the Netherlands.

The Amur tiger is the largest member of the big cat family and is an endangered species. They are found in isolated populations around the Amur river valley in the far east of Russia and on China’s north east border. The wild population continues to be under threat due to habitat loss.

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