Preparing for a dinosaur invasion

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We’re getting ready to welcome six new prehistoric, animatronic creatures to our Dinosaur Safari!

The moving giants will soon come crashing into the zoo and work is currently underway to spruce up their new home ahead of their arrival.

Each of the six new additions is a lifesize model of some of the most extraordinary animals ever to roam the earth, with the largest standing at a humongous 30ft tall!

Two of the four lived during the Jurassic period, a whopping 200million years ago – including the carnivorous Dilophosaurus who was thought to have feathers and was one of the largest early dinosaurs.

Among our new arrivals will be a baby Stegosaurus, a 30ft tall Parasaurolophus, a bird like Deinonychus, a Carnotaurus and the very intelligent Troodon.

Each of the incredibly life-like models will have its own set of sounds and actions, bringing our ever popular Dinosaur Safari to life.

The main section of Dinosaur Safari will be closed from today (June 20th) until our new arrivals are installed and settled in, which we hope to be by mid-July.

The area has undergone a huge transformation in recent months, with work continuing to ensure we’re ready for the new additions. We can’t wait to see them in pride of place and look forward to hearing what our visitors think!

The dinosaurs have been loaded into their travelling crates (think Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom but with slightly less lava) and are currently mid-way across the Atlantic.