Global Tiger Day - Wednesday July 29th

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Tiger Day 15 is an opportunity to donate to wild tiger conservation and to build awareness of the issues effecting their survival.

Global Tiger Day was established in 2010 at the St Petersburg Tiger Summit when tiger range countries declared their aim to double wild tiger numbers by 2022.

The threats to wild tigers are enormous. Human population pressure, habitat destruction, illegal demand for tiger parts, poaching and disease. Positive actions from all sides; conservation organisations, governments, zoos and members of the public are working together to safeguard wild tigers for the future. Reports this year suggest that wild tiger populations are increasing in both Russia and India thanks to collaborative efforts from these groups.

Tiger Day 15 is an opportunity to donate to wild tiger conservation and to build awareness of the issues effecting their survival.

Here at Blackpool Zoo we support the work of an initiative called 21st Century Tiger, which raises funds for over 70 tiger conservation projects across 7 countries.  

Since 1997 21st Century Tiger have provided 1.9 million pounds to 70 tiger projects across 7 countries worldwide. As of last year, Blackpool Zoo has contributed over £32,000 to this fantastic cause – but our work here is not done yet!

To find out more about the threats facing wild tigers, and learn what you can do to help, please visit the 21st Century Tiger website.

On August 21st we will be holding a Conservation Evening for all Blackpool Zoo members in aid of 21st Century Tiger. We’ll be releasing full details shortly, but there’ll be plenty of activities, talks, raffles and competitions – with every penny raised going directly to 21st Century Tiger.

The event will start at 6.30pm, and is exclusive to zoo members and their guests. Admission is free for members, but their guests will be charged a nominal fee of £5 per adult and £3 per child (all proceeds will go to charity).



Blackpool Zoo is closed!

In light of the most recent national lockdown announcement from the government, sadly we will be temporarily closing Blackpool Zoo again from 5th January 2021.

As always please be assured that our dedicated keeper team will continue to provide the best care for our animals during the closure.

If you’ve booked tickets for any day during this closure, you can exchange them for another date. Please send your booking details to

We’ll keep you informed through our website and social media channels. We apologise for any disappointment and thank you for your patience.

We really look forward to welcoming you back to Blackpool Zoo when we are allowed to re-open.

Stay safe everyone.