Animals go wild for ‘Bake Off’cakes!

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With the Great British Bake Off final fast approaching, we’ve been holding our very own bake off right here at the zoo.

We've joined the nation going Bake Off barmy by challenging our keepers to make their very own showstopper creations! The caveat was that they could only use foods that their chosen animal could eat, which isn’t easy when sealions have an diet of fish, fish and more fish!

Now we're looking to our fans and followers across social media to vote for the winner, we've even heard from current GBBO finalist Ian Cumming, who tweeted to say his favourite was the Sealion Sundae Surprise.


Sealion keepers Alyx and Alex proved they weren’t out of their depth when it came to making the cake using just one ingredient. A layered ice cake with herring, whiting, sprats and fish blood, decorated with fish and fishy ice cubes was just the job for newly named sealion pup Xanna.

Mammal keepers Paula and Lauren came up with elephant shaped cake cleverly crafted from mashed potato, food colouring, banana and bamboo, surrounded by lashings of twigs and grass. The girls also created a masterpiece for the meerkat mob, which contained mouthwatering watermelon, mashed potato, food colouring, oranges, apples, peaches, strawberries and avocado all brought together in a not so ‘simples’ design.

The western lowland gorilla family feasted on a rainbow cake of mashed potato, food colouring with a delicate tomato and apple decoration by Lynsey.

Trainee keeper, Sam also enlisted the help of Lynsey to create an orangutan cake containing mashed potato and banana, carrot, raisins and sesame seeds with a beautiful banana and maize palm tree.

Bird keepers Richard and Nicole teamed up to produce the perfect red panda cake using mashed red panda pellets, blended carrots and grapes, decorated with raspberries, blueberries, peach, pomegranate and grapes.

All the animals loved their cakes, and the keepers thoroughly enjoyed the task too! It looks like it is going to be a closely fought race and we can’t wait to see who will be crowned the winner!

We'll be announcing the winner of the #ZooBakeOff will be announced on our Facebook and Twitter pages on Wednesday afternoon and, of course, we'll all be tuning in to the final on Wednesday evening!