Animal stock-take conundrum solved the old fashioned way!

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When it came to Blackpool Zoo’s annual stock-take, in which all 1,500 residents need be counted, re-counted and counted again, Animal Manager Peter Dillingham just couldn’t decide which method of adding up was best.

He had to choose between his trusty abacus, which he used when he started his career over 30 years ago, and the more modern calculator.

Using the age-old method of spilt testing, he sent half of his keepers out with his abacus and the rest took off with calculators in hand.

After a very busy week the results are in, but what did he go for? Option A the abacus or option B the calculator.....or a sneaky third option that he has called on time and time again. Watch this video to find out...


Blackpool Zoo is closed!

In light of the most recent national lockdown announcement from the government, sadly we will be temporarily closing Blackpool Zoo again from 5th January 2021.

As always please be assured that our dedicated keeper team will continue to provide the best care for our animals during the closure.

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