15 Highlights from our 2015 Stock Take

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It's been a busy week here at Blackpool Zoo as we've been doing our annual stock take. Each day our keepers are responsible for checking all of their animals, so we are constantly monitoring the number of animals in our care, but once a year we are required by our license to conduct a full census. The results of this are then logged into a central database, and the information can be shared with zoos around the world and used to manage international breeding programmes.

The annual stock take also gives us an opportunity to reflect on our progress and help plan for the future. 2014 was a hugely successful year at the zoo, so we thought we'd take this opportunity to share with you some of our biggest successes and the highlights of this years stock take. 


One of our biggest successes last year was the day our number of tigers doubled and we heard the pitter patter of tiny stripy paws! First time parents Alyona and Zambar are now joined by 6 month old twins Barney and Radzi. They’re vitally important to the captive breeding programme of this endangered species and will eventually move onto other collections to start their own families, but for now we can proudly report that Blackpool Zoo is home to four stunning Amur tigers.


It’s been a hectic year for our primate keepers keeping up with the ever changing number of ring tailed lemurs. This year alone we’ve welcomed 3 new babies, and said goodbye to 12 of our Lemurs as they headed off to join other collections at Edinburgh Zoo and Africa Alive. With two separate troops here at the zoo, we’ve got a grand total of 30 adults and 3 babies.



The arrival of a litter of three meerkat pups last summer has brought the number of meerkats to 17.




At just a few centimetres in length, it's no easy task counting fruit beetles! By carefully moving them one by one between tanks, keepers are able to accurately determine that we have 67 marginated fruit beetles - everything from grubs to fully grown beetles! 




Following a delivery of 28 tiny tortoises from border force back in October last year, our collection of sulcata tortoises has rocketed from just 8 to 36!




It’s been a hefty year of hatchlings for our Birds Team, with a whopping 8 youngsters bringing our total flamingo figure to 30.



This time last year our Orangutan house was vacant, as our group were being looked after at Chester Zoo while we were working hard on the new Orangutan Outlook. With their new enclosure finished and the exhibit open again, our four resident Orangutans are back in Blackpool!



Free to rule over all of Amazonia, you might think it’s tricky to keep count of these fast paced squirrel monkeys. Our Primate team keep track of them throughout the day and make sure they are all safely tucked up inside for the night by counting them as they come through the door, and can instantly tell us that we have 27 squirrel monkeys at the zoo.


We've had several new species take up residence here at the zoo in the past 12 months, including the two Stanley Cranes. 



Look up in the trees, search between the leaves and you might just catch a glimpse of our two red pandas.



Sometimes referred to collectively as a waddle, our penguin total is 14



These tiny kangaroo-like marsupials are often overlooked by visitors, but we have a whopping 17 Potoroo living here at the zoo.



As well as being home to two Scaly Sided Mergansers, we're also home to their European Studbook Keeper - an individual keeper who is responsible for monitoring the breeding progress of the species in collections across Europe. 


Birds Stock Take

We have a fantastic collection of birds here at Blackpool Zoo, and have had some huge breeding successes this year. We now have a grand total of 89 species of birds living within the zoo, and no, that doesn’t include the seagulls.



From aardvarks to zebras and all your favourites in between, Blackpool Zoo is home to 265 species.