Elephant and Reptile House

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UPDATE: Work is now complete on Project Elephant and Kate has moved into her new home. This means you may not be able to see her at certain times or on certain days. 

Asian elephants have been in residence at Blackpool Zoo since it opened in 1972, when Kate and the late Crumple arrived as youngsters from an orphanage in Sri Lanka. The enclosure was shared initially with giraffe and rhino, and the tall door for the giraffe can still been seen in the house.

The indoor area of the Elephant House is shared with a large collection of reptiles and invertebrates (insects), as well as two tanks of fish. The largest reptiles are the caimans, members of the crocodile family from South America.

Other species in the house include snakes, skinks, lizards, amphibians, cockroaches, tarantulas, beetles and many, many more.

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