Monthly Green Tip - February


With the new year well underway and your new year's resolutions still at the forefront of your mind, February is the perfect month to solidify your commitment to all things green. You have the perfect opportunity to do this via your Valentine's celebrations!

At Blackpool Zoo, we love creating love-themed handmade enrichment activities for our animals. We use natural products or materials that we can use time and again.

Can you show your valentine how much you care with homemade goodies? Get creative in the kitchen with heart-shaped cookies or chocolates. You can use plant-based decorations and food colours, along with biodegradable packaging such as paper gift bags. Gift boxes from recycled paper are widely available.

Instead of commercially-grown cut flowers, consider instead gifting a potted plant that can be enjoyed long-term. If you do gift or receive cut flowers, remember to compost them when they are ready to go.

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