Biodiversity and Elephant Conservation Trust

Helping to protect Asian elephants & other animals that live in Sri Lanka.

Before the charity dissolved, we used to support the Biodiversity and Elephant Conservation Trust (BECT) as over the last 100 years the Asian elephant population has declined by 90% to less than 50,000 elephants, with only 4,000-5,000 remaining in Sri Lanka. The Asian elephant is classified as endangered (IUCN) and the decline in its numbers has been a result of threats including habitat loss as a result of logging and agriculture, domestication for tourism and logging, human-elephant conflict and hunting for their body parts, particularly their tusks. The Biodiversity and Elephant Conservation Trust (BECT) is a small charity based in Sri Lanka that aim to educate, inform and change people’s attitudes towards Asian elephants through awareness programs and the delivery of vital educational resources to local communities in South-East Asia. BECT also offer support to local farmers and villagers whose lives have been negatively impacted by Asian elephants, whether it be damage to crops on a farm or direct conflict with herds, BECT aim to promote a greater understanding of this magnificent species and their value.

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