Rhinoceros Iguana

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Common Name:
Rhinoceros Iguana
Scientific Name:
Cyclura cornuta
Size: 56cm
Weight: 10kg
Native to Central America and Caribbean

Conservation Status


The Rhinoceros iguana is so-called as the scales on its snout resemble a rhino’s horn.  Their numbers in the wild are decreasing mainly due to the development of their natural habitat for human population.  This has also caused over-grazing both by domestic and feral livestock.  They also fall prey to humans, dogs and cats.

These very large reptiles are partial to a diet in the Zoo of fruit, vegetables and some meat.  In the wild, they can live as long as 35 years, reaching sexual maturity between 2 and 5 years of age.  Mating takes places early in the rainy season with a clutch of 2 – 34 eggs (average 17) being laid about 40 days later.  Incubation lasts 85 days and these eggs are some of the largest in the reptile world.

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