Red river hog

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Common Name:
Red river hog
Scientific Name:
Potamochoerus porcus
Size: 80 cm
Weight: 45 - 115 kg
Native to Africa
Rain Forest

Conservation Status

Least concern

Red River hogs have spectacular ears with tassels and black dorsal stripes. They are experts at digging and their enclosure usually resembles a badly-ploughed field! They are fed on grass pellets, maize, oats, fruit and vegetables.

Although still plentiful in the wild, they are unpopular with local farmers as they are responsible for spreading livestock diseases and so are often killed. Hunting Red River hogs for bushmeat is also common practice.  When threatened, the Red River hoglets lie absolutely still until danger has passed. As they are stripy at birth, they blend very well into the long grass.

Red River hogs can live for up to 22 years and can produce between 3 and 6 young each year.


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