Assisted Keeper Experience

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Our range of Keeper for the Day experiences give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with some of our most popular residents.

Price: £125.00 for one person or £187.50 for two people
Time: 9.15am to 12.15pm or 1.00pm to 4.00pm
Schedule: Thursday to Monday
Age: 8 years and over

Experience includes

Our Assisted Keeper Experience is designed for adults and children with a disability or additional needs. Each experience will be exclusive to you and you will be working on a one-to-one basis with our keepers, however if you would like to share this experience with a friend you can book for two people. 

Your experience package also includes entry to the zoo, a parking pass, guidebook, certificate, mug, fridge magnet, pen, car sticker, badge pin and a voucher for 10% off in our gift shops.

Enjoy a busy half day shadowing our keepers and learn exactly what it takes to care for our animals. 

  • Muck in with the mucking out and get your hands dirty - don't worry, gloves will be provided
  • Get up close and personal as you meet some of our friendlier residents
  • It's feeding time at the zoo! Help our keepers prepare and hand deliver healthy lunches
  • Let your creativity flow as you and our keepers come up with new and exciting enrichment ideas

Each experience is different and you could be working with - tortoises, giraffes, anteaters, tapirs, aardvarks, lemurs, lorikeets, spider monkeys, otters, farm animals, reindeer, pelicans or penguins. However, if you have a particular favourite, please let us know when you book and we will do our best to accommodate.

The Assisted Keeper Experience is suitable for children and adults with a disability or additional needs. The participant must be accompanied by a supporting adult (included in the price). Drink and biscuits will be provided for the participant and supporting adult. 

Activities will vary dependent on ability. Please email to discuss your requirements. 

Minimum Age - 8 years.

Please be aware - the half day experiences do not include any activities with tigers, lions, orangutans, gorillas, elephants or sea lions. 


After purchasing your vouchers, please call us to book a date for the experience.  If you would like to bring a friend with you for the day, you can purchase one observer ticket for the special rate of £10. Please note, observers are not allowed to participate in any experiences and will not be allowed in any non-public areas. Any additional friends or family can purchase zoo tickets at the normal rate and can observe from public areas during the zoo's opening hours.

Alternatively, you can buy in person by visiting reception or by calling 01253 830801.

Because nature is unpredictable and the welfare of our animals is paramount, routines and itineraries may be adjusted without notice. 

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