Animal Experience Terms & Information

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  • The duration of the experience is approximate and may differ slightly on the day.
  • We (Blackpool Zoo) reserve the right to cancel or amend an Animal Experience if deemed necessary due to animal welfare, health issues or unforeseen circumstances. If this happens, we will endeavour to contact you before your experience is due to take place.
  • Unfortunately, not all of our Animal Experiences are suitable for everyone, including those with any relevant phobias or allergies. Please read the specific terms and conditions for further information or contact us on 01253 830805 for advice before purchasing.
  • Pregnant women are only able to take part in Meet the Giraffe or Feed a Giraffe.
  • Working in close proximity with animals is unadvisable for immunocompromised individuals. Please contact us on 01253 830805 for advice before purchasing.
  • Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate those with a disability or additional needs, due to practicality and health and safety this may not always be possible. Please read the specific terms and conditions for further information or contact us on 01253 830805 for advice before purchasing.
  • Once booked you will receive, by email, a copy of our health and safety terms and waiver which must be signed prior to your experience.
  • All Animal Experiences are non-refundable, so please carefully check eligibility and all other terms before you purchase.
  • Full payment must be made when purchasing or booking an Animal Experience.
  • For date changes up to 4 weeks before your experience, a £20 admin fee will be incurred. No changes to date are allowed less than 4 weeks before your experience.
  • If you are late, we are unable to extend the experience.
  • Any participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a paying and participating adult, and under their control at all times. Proof of age may be requested. There is no upper age limit, although participants will need a reasonable level of fitness to take part in the activities.


Summary of duties and environments

As the zoo covers a large area, there may be a lot of walking involved from the entrance to the animal enclosure. You may be required to stand throughout the experience. Whilst our animals in the zoo are kept in the best health and we have strict hygiene procedures in place, all animals may carry pathogens that can be transmissible to humans, which may be a risk to immunocompromised individuals. Watching animal experiences is popular with our visitors, therefore you may attract some attention during your experience.

Meet the Lemurs - This experience takes place in Lemur Wood and involves a step down from the public walkway onto the grass area.  There are steps, tree roots and a hill to navigate during this experience. Our lemurs are inquisitive and may jump on participants. Participants who are wheelchair-bound will participate on the public walkway.

Meet the Penguins - This experience includes walking down steps to the kitchen area before climbing steps to reach penguin beach. The beach has rocks to step over and is in close proximity to deep water. 

Meet the Tapirs - This experience can take place either in the tapir house or the outside paddock and hard stand. Both are accessed from the public viewing area. There is one step into the house. The paddock is grass and can be muddy and uneven underfoot. A pool is located in the paddock so deep water will be in close proximity.

Meet the Aardvarks - The experience can take place either in the aardvark house or the outside paddock. The house contains both sand and bark substrate along with rocks and logs and has low hanging branches above. The outside paddock is sandy and has logs and branches distributed throughout. The ground can often contain holes. The aardvarks are often in their caves so you may have to bend down to reach and feed the animals. The aardvarks have powerful claws and front legs and can sometimes stand on their hind legs to get closer to you.

Meet the Tortoises - The experience can take place either in the tortoise house or the outside paddock. The outside paddock is accessed from the public viewing area and is both sand and concrete underfoot. The ground is flat although there may be occasional items of enrichment or food underfoot. There is a shallow pool. The house has a variety of flooring including water troughs. The house is maintained at a high temperature to suit the animals and can be dusty. It will be necessary to bend down to feed the animals.

Meet the Giraffes - This experience takes place at Giraffe Heights and will involve climbing stairs to reach a viewing platform.

All other experiences - Keeper for the Day and Keeper Experiences involve working in a variety of different environments, including many of those listed above. Participants should have a reasonable level of physical fitness to take part.