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2008 saw the return to Blackpool Zoo of giraffes, a much requested species. Giraffes resided in the Elephant House in the early days of the Zoo, but were moved away when space was needed for Marcella and Indra, the two Asian elephants rescued from a bankrupt circus.

The building of Giraffe Heights was one of the early projects carried out by current owners, Parques Reunidos, and incorporates various "visitor-friendly" features, such as high and low level viewing, a raised paddock walkway and a feeding platform.

The walkway alongside the paddock enabled visitors to have a better view of our three female giraffes whilst they were outside, as well as the very attractive blesbok, a dark chestnut-coloured antelope which share the field with the giraffes.

2010 also saw the introduction of public feeds of the giraffes, a very popular pastime indeed.  What a privilege to be able to feed browse to these magnificent creatures and be so close as to look directly into their eyes and feel their breath on your hands.


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