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Please note: Our squirrel monkeys won't be allowed out to play in Amazonia for a few weeks as we're carrying out a few rennovations on their house. You can still see them in the small primate house and Amazonia will remain open throughout. 

Amazonia is the favourite enclosure for many of our visitors as it gives them such a natural "jungle" feel. It was opened in 2006 in the former free flight aviary. A steel mesh dome encloses a South American wonderland of mammals and birds, and visitors are able to stroll through mature trees and plants which offer shelter and sustenance to the inhabitants.

The cheekiest residents are a troop of very active and inquisitive squirrel monkeys. They love nothing better than a pocket or pushchair to investigate if given the opportunity! They sleep in an indoor facility adjoining the enclosure overnight, but love to climb through the branches and along ropes all day long. 

White faced saki monkeys and little black Goeldis also reside in the enclosure, but tend to be more reserved and not so easy to spot.

Various species of birds also live in Amazonia, including ducks, Amazon parrots and black Curassow, large birds with a distinctive yellow "quiff" which likens them to Elvis!

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