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Dinosaur Safari

Find dinosaurs in Blackpool and join us... the amazing lost world.

Two large dinosaurs, one appears to be fiercely roaring

Come face to face with the terrifying tyrannosaurus rex, mighty marine reptiles, awesome pterodactyls and more than 30 other stunning prehistoric creatures. Your Dinosaur Safari will take you under the shadows of a giant erupting volcano, past spouting water geysers, over running streams, alongside misty lakes and even behind a living curtain of water. Sound effects and thousands of authentic living plants and trees bring the prehistoric world vividly to life.

Two children looking at herbivore dionsaurs

EXPLORE the world of the dinosaurs – the largest and fiercest animals that ever roamed our planet.

EXPERIENCE a journey back in time to meet the mighty dinosaurs and other gigantic reptiles.

DISCOVER the awesome prehistoric animals that lived long after the dinosaurs died out.

LEARN what might have finished the dinosaurs off 65 million years ago.

A dinosaur with a long green neck and a cracking dinosaur egg

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