Mayor opens Sealion Pool

The Mayor opens Active Oceans

The Mayor opens Active Oceans

The largest sea lion pool in the UK has officially been opened by the Mayor of Blackpool, Councillor Don Clapham, following a £1 million investment, as part of the Active Oceans marine area at Blackpool Zoo, underpinning its reputation as a leading North West attraction. Active Oceans also incorporates the very popular Magellanic penguin pool which opened in 2009.

A complete overhaul of the pool and its surround began last year and it has re-opened with its very own beach area and extended 250 seat amphitheatre.

Stylish mock rock has replaced the old concrete background and the cascading waterfalls are proving very popular with the sea lions.

Concrete walls and railings at either end of the enclosure have been demolished and replaced with reinforced glass, meaning visitors have a fantastic view of the sea lions as they frolic around.

A new male addition to head up the harem of females arrived from Spain on 19th May.

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